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John Deere Fuel Filter AM116304 Item #: AM116304

Price: $5.16

Item Details

Keep your John Deere Mower running optimally. Replace your old fuel filter with a new John Deere Fuel Filter AM116304. John Deere filters prevent harmful debris from entering the engine so your equipment lasts longer. All John Deere filters are tested by John Deere for durability and safety. Replaces: Craftsman 24688, John Deere GY20709 & M151868, Kawasaki 490197001 & 490197005, Kubota E718782150, MTD/Cub Cadet/White OCC2505022, Oregon 69054 & 07103, Toro & Wheel Horse 715960 & 98021, Yamaha JN3F456000 & JN6F456000.

Weight .02 lbs

07103, 21410800, 21541500, 24688, 25 050 03-S, 25 050 08-S, 25-050 22-S, 26365012A3, 38283, 38666, 490197001, 490197005, 69054, 715960, 98021, AM116304, AM1163041, E718782150, GY20709, JN3F456000, JN6F456000, M151868, OCC2505022


John Deere

John Deere

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